Title : Soul Catchers
Author : Jacek Piekara
Release year : 2022
Genre : Fantasy , audiobook
Publisher : Eksmo
Artist : Andrey Zverev (BadCatStudio)

Description :

One and a half thousand years have passed since Jesus came down from the cross, flooded the city of Jerusalem with the blood of enemies and pagans, and conquered the Roman Empire. An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Not peace, but a sword.
Fate directs the servant of God Mordimer Madderdin, inquisitor of His Grace Bishop Hez-khezron, to the imperial capital, where he will fall into the thick of political intrigues. He will visit the castle of a magnate accused of committing demonic rituals, and will take part in the crusade of the Most Serene Lord against heretics. He will meet the girl with the snake and dove tattoos and escort her to the court of the vampire baron who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus.
What will Mordimer do when the greatest mystery of the Christian faith is revealed to him?


Format : audiobook, MP3, 128 kbps
Duration : 10:30:38

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