Movie Information
Title: Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure 2020
Original title: Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai / Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken
Release year: 2020
Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy
Directed by: Karasawa Kazuya

About movie:
15 years ago, the great hero was defeated by the king of evil Hadlar, who terrorized the world with his hordes of monsters. Freed from evil spells, the monsters began to live cautiously on a small island in the southern seas, on Dermline Island. Dai, a 12-year-old boy, dreams of becoming a hero and protecting the island. It was on this island that he was raised by his adoptive grandfather Brass. Grandfather wants the boy to be a magician, but he is not strong in magic. Upon learning that a demon is awakening, the young man learns fighting techniques from the master

Dai, with a mentor and his monster friends, lives on an island and dreams of becoming a hero.

Add. information :

Release of GSGroup

Country: Japan
Studio: Toei Animation
Duration: TV (?? ep.) 00:24:00
Translation: Amateur monophonic (Persona99)

Quality : WEBRip
Video Format : AVI
Video : XviD, 720×400, 23.976 fps, 1442 Kbps, 8 bits
Audio 1 : MP3 44 kHz; 192 Kbps, 2 ch – Amateur monophonic
Audio 2 : MP3 44 kHz; 192 kbps, 2 ch – original (Japanese)
Subtitle 1: External Subtitle Language Russian Translation: Crunchyroll 01-65
Subtitle 2: External Subtitle Language English 01-75


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