Movie Information
Title : Chaklun and Rumba / Sapper’s Second Mistake
Released : 2007
Genre : Drama , military
Director : Andrey Golubev
Cast : Andrey Fedortsov, Olga Reptukh, Alexey Shedko, Igor Vasilyev, Nikolai Chindyaykin, Yulia Polubinskaya, Andrey Golubev, Alexander Kashperov, Viktor Vasiliev, Alexander Timoshkin, Andrey Oliferenko, Vladimir Mischanchuk, Alexander Tkachenok, Boris Gergalov, Alla Prolich, Zoya Belokhvostik , Anatoly Terpitsky

About movie :
In the center of the story is the front-line fate of one of the millions of ordinary soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, sapper Fyodor Chaklun and his assistant, a shepherd dog named Rumba. Fyodor discovers a mined section of the road and warns Second Lieutenant Svetlana about it. But the girl, carried away by flirting with the lieutenant colonel, forgets to block the road, and a Soviet tank is blown up on a mine. Fedor, who is in love with Svetlana, takes the blame.

Country : Belarus
Studio : Belarusfilm
Duration : 01:18:54
Language : Russian

Format: MKV
Quality: HDTVRip-AVC
Video : MPEG-4 AVC, 804×452, 2453 kbps
Audio : AC3, 2ch, 192Kbps
Subtitles: No


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