Title: Khatyn story
Genre: Audiobook , Soviet_literature , military_prose

Author: Ales Adamovich
Reader: Alexander Bordukov
Year of publication of the audiobook: 2022
Duration: 9h. 30m. 40s.

You will not find this Belarusian village on any of the most detailed geographical maps today. She was destroyed on March 22, 1943. The brutalized fascists broke into the village of Khatyn and surrounded it. Residents did not know anything about the fact that in the morning, six kilometers from Khatyn, partisans fired on a Nazi convoy and killed a German officer as a result of the attack. The entire population of Khatyn, young and old, was expelled from their homes and driven to a collective farm barn. The butts of machine guns were lifted from the bed of the sick, the elderly, did not spare women with small and infant children. When all the villagers were in the barn, the Nazis locked its doors, covered it with straw, doused it with gasoline and set it on fire. The wooden shed immediately caught fire. Children were choking and crying in the smoke. Under the pressure of dozens of human bodies, they could not stand it and the doors collapsed. In burning clothes, terrified, people rushed to run, but those who escaped from the flames, the Nazis cold-bloodedly shot from machine guns and machine guns. 149 people died, including 75 children under 16 years of age. The village was looted and burned to the ground.

Ales Adamovich later wrote his famous Khatyn Tale about these terrible events.

The Khatyn story is a talentedly embodied memory of the war, a reminder story and a warning story. The experience of those who survived the war cannot be wasted. He teaches mankind, perhaps the most elementary of truths: only by not sparing your life can you defend freedom and defeat the enemy. Especially as sophisticated as German fascism was. » Vasil Bykov

Format/Codec: MP3/VBR
Audio Bitrate: 60-68kbps

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