Title: Collection of Audiobooks. Part 02
Genre: Science Fiction , Fantasy , Mystery , Horror , Detective , Action , Adventure , Children’s Literature , Audiobook

Author: B_B / Babkin Mikhail – Banks Ian
Voiced by: Various artists
Audio book publication year: 1994-2017
Duration: ~3837:00:00

Collection of audiobooks of various genres
Mainly: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Horror.
The rest is a trailer.
If there is an author, then his books are usually all that is freely available at the moment .

There will be no list of books, floating in parts, full of huge ones.
Such a volume as 4tb (about 8000 books) is not for everyone, it is designed for collectors.
If you’re interested, download the torrent and expand the B_B folder.
Everything is sorted on the shelves (you can see by the name of the folders themselves);
Group(folder(s))/Author/Series-No. Title (Artist).
Tick what you want to listen to and download.

It is possible to re-upload with the appearance of better digitizations from the series “You can’t buy it anywhere”

Format/Codec: M4B / QuickTime AAC
Audio Bitrate: TVBR ~100Kbps, 44kHz, Stereo

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