Adam Sessler – one of the hosts of the re-launched G4 gaming channel on YouTube – has posted a new hate-filled tweet insulting Republicans, after sending out similar messages over the past few years.

In his latest tweet, he wrote: “Just so I can get it out of my system once for the day: Republicans are stupid, racist, and drink piss.”

While seemingly receiving no mainstream backlash for the hateful comment, this isn’t the first time Sessler has expressed his disdain for Republicans. Over the past two years, he has repeatedly asserted that “all Republicans are Nazis,” compared them to cancer, and explicitly told them to “f**k themselves.” He has also said that his Republican family members “can eat s**t and die.”

Sessler currently presents the G4 YouTube channel’s reinvented Xplay series, which features game reviews, comedy skits, and livestreams discussing industry topics. G4 used to be a widely viewed cable TV channel focusing on gaming, but after a 10-year hiatus it has recently returned as a YouTube channel. In just a few months, the channel has already amassed nearly half a million followers, but also a fair bit of controversy. 

Another Xplay host, Indiana “Froskurinn” Black, previously called out viewers for their sexist comments during a live stream.  
“It has somehow been expected that you can talk about how much you jerked off to women as a compliment. It’s not a compliment. It’s dehumanizing and it’s weird. Women do not exist to be nice on the eyes for you. Morgan Webb, Olivia Munn, did not exist to be nice on the eyes for you,” said Black, referring to previous female Xplay hosts, who were supposedly considered more ‘bangable.’

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