A 15-year-old boy has been arrested at a South London address over links to “extreme right-wing” terrorism.

The teen has been released on bail until February as he is not considered an immediate threat to the public. London police told the BBC that the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command arrested the 15-year-old in South London on Friday morning.

The property was duly searched by the arresting officers while the boy was brought to a police station. The Met police said the teenager was detained on suspicion of taking part in the preparation of terrorist acts linked to “extreme right-wing ideology.” A further probe will be conducted, a spokesperson for the police said. 

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The boy has since been released on bail until a date in February. The Met said the teenager is not believed to be an imminent threat to the British public.

The spokesperson urged people to continue coming forward in providing tip-offs for the police. “Every year thousands of reports from the public help the police keep communities safe from terrorism,” she noted.

A record number of British teenagers were arrested in the year up to September 2021, according to Home Office statistics. In the 12-month period, 25 arrests were made, the majority being linked to right-wing ideology. Under-18s accounted for 13% of all terror-related arrests.

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