The British PM has warned UK citizens that it would be ‘absolute folly’ to claim the pandemic is over

Boris Johnson has rejected any suggestion the Covid pandemic is over, despite Omicron being “plainly milder” than previous variants of the virus and the country’s “very, very high level of vaccination.”

Speaking at a vaccination center on Monday, Johnson said the evidence that has been presented to the government shows that Omicron is “considerably milder than previous variants.”

Urging people to “remain cautious” and stick to the government’s current “plan B,” Johnson sought to alleviate concerns about rising case numbers while not encouraging people to be complacent about the pandemic.

“Looking at the numbers of people who are going into hospital, it would be absolute folly to say that this thing is all over now bar the shouting,” he said.

Scotland reveals how many Omicron patients needed intensive care

Johnson accepted that “the NHS is under pressure due to its high transmissibility,” arguing that it is down to the public to do “everything they can to help relieve that pressure.”

Issuing a warning about the individuals affected by Omicron, Johnson cited how the majority of those requiring hospital treatment due to Covid are currently either unvaccinated or have not had their booster jab.

On Sunday, England and Wales recorded 137,583 new daily Covid cases, although data for the UK as a whole was incomplete, as figures from Scotland and Northern Ireland are delayed due to the bank holiday weekend.

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