Dimitry Tsarevsky is being held against his will by his family at their home and could be suffering “emotional and physical abuse”, partner Isabella Flores has claimed

Promising ice dancer Dimitry Tsarevsky’s family have stopped him from appearing at next week’s US Figure Skating Championships and have resisted police visits while “restraining” him at home, his skating partner has claimed.

Medalists at the 2021–22 ISU Junior Grand Prix, Tsarevsky and Isabella Flores’ participation at the competition in Nashville from January 3 looks in doubt.

His long-time collaborator, Isabella Flores, has posted a worrying message on her Instagram account suggesting that he is not contactible.

“There are a lot of people working to get eyes on him but nothing has worked yet, so I am reaching out to social media for any ideas on what to do,” appealed Flores, sharing an email sent to news outlets.

“We’ve been preparing for the US Championship all year and were supposed to go to Nashville on Saturday.

“On Thursday, Dimitry drove home to Lakewood to spend a holiday weekend with his family.

“Nothing has been heard from him since Saturday night. He was scheduled to return on Sunday to Colorado Springs, where he is training.

“We went to the police. They have attempted to go to the house twice to see if everything is OK and the family kicks them off and told them to get a warrant.

“Despite the fact that Dimitry is already 18, we are concerned about emotional and physical abuse. There are seven kids in this house, four are under 18 years old.

“Dimitry has no way to contact anyone and we are afraid that he is being restrained.”

Prospect Tsarevsky, who describes himself as a “cellist, patriot and artist”, last posted on the platform in November.

Flores feels that his family may have outlawed him from taking part in the prestigious showpiece.

“We believe that the parents have decided they do not agree with his life decisions since he became an adult and are keeping him against his will,” she said in the email.

“He and his partner are contenders to be on the podium next week and have a bright future.”

Flores and Tsarevski have skated since they were both around five years old and began working together at the age of 14.

The pair of prodigies are tenth in the ice dancing Grand Prix totals as part of a lineup dominated by Russian double-acts, including all of the top three.

“If someone has ideas, legal advice or connections, we would be very grateful,” asked Flores.

“Please do not contact Dimitry or his family. We’re just looking for an opportunity to contact him and not spread hatred of any kind. Thank you all for your support.”

Writing in 2020, Tsarevsky said ice dancing “taught me how to be patient” in a post accompanied by a photo of him cheerfully carrying Flores on his shoulders.

“It took several years to find a partner and then there is still so much to practice,” he explained.

“Many times throughout my career I thought of quitting. Every time someone inspired me to continue. Ice dance has become my home.

“I would not change anything that has happened in my life. Everything that has happened has helped me grow into a better man.

“I am thankful for my family, my skating partner, my Music teacher,and everyone who has helped me become a better Dima [Russian term for fighter.]”

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