The value of bitcoin fell by almost 30% in a week


According to CNBC, the bitcoin rate briefly fell to $ 20,800 on the morning of June 14, which was one of the biggest falls in a long period of time.

Over the past week, the value of BTC has fallen by almost 30% (and compared to its record value in the fall of 2021, the value of the coin fell by almost 70%). A similar situation occurred with the second most popular currency – Ethereum. The ETH rate has fallen by 37% in the last week. A sharp decline is observed in the case of other popular cryptocurrencies, except for those that are clearly pegged to the dollar.

Data on cryptocurrencies

Data as of 11 o’clock on June 14

It has also become known that major exchanges such as Binance and Celsius have restricted the withdrawal of coins on the wallet. However, the blockade on withdrawal did not last long. In about 3 hours, a Binance employee managed to fix blockchain problems that hindered the operation of the entire network.

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Fluctuations in cryptocurrencies continue. How long the fall will last and what it will lead to is still unknown. Analysts do not make harsh statements or make short-term forecasts.

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